Partner to managers

Chequers has partnered with more than 300 managers. Their testimony is our best recommendation.

Frédéric Barroux

“In our buy and build project, Chequers was a key partner, providing not only funds but also the necessary expertise, constant support and a structured approach.”

Bio 7 President

Eraldo Bianchessi

“Our collaboration with Chequers is a real success. A perfect alignment of strategic views and financial goals, a fruitful collaboration between management and investors which results in unparalleled performance. This success is made possible thanks to the professionalism of the Chequers team, which provides strong support to Rollon in its development in a dynamic and growing market. This partnership, favoring growth and investment, is delivering strong value to the company, its employees and shareholders through shared ambition and values.”

Rollon CEO

Marc Delvaux

“Mostly based on organic growth, our business plan required significant capital expenditure and international expansion into new countries. Chequers provided TCR’s management with logistical as well as financial support and adapted its investment horizon to reach a 10-year holding period, giving time to our strategy to fully deliver its results.”


Thierry Drecq

“Chequers was the major shareholder in the E.CF Group from 1993 to 2011. During this period, the company completely transformed into a recognised and successful player on the French and European markets. This success would not have occurred without the unwavering support and involvement of the Chequers team, who actively took part in defining the strategy and worked alongside the management team throughout its implementation.
Chequers was also able to perfectly structure and mobilise the group’s shareholders and its financial partners to help E.CF fully address its operational and development challenges.
The presence of a financial partner in a company’s development for 18 years is rare enough to be appreciated. The E.CF Group’s employees and managers are very proud of Chequers’ ownership.”

ECF President

Horst Garbrecht

“Chequers Capital was much more for us than just a financial investor. The Chequers Capital team was a great coach and sparring partner in all business aspects, which was a great help in a challenging environment. This was only possible because of Chequers’ deep understanding of technology, strategy and – most importantly – brand management. Our discussions never focused on short-term enhancements. Chequers always followed the idea that a sound business strategy, which is sustainable in the long run, is the most powerful building block for value creation.”

Metabo CEO

John Johnston

“I am delighted by our successful partnership with Chequers. Chequers proved a great fit supporting our continued ambition to further develop and lead our sector, while significantly expanding our global footprint.”

Accelya, CEO

Dominique Mallet

“Over the past 12 years, Chequers has provided us with constant support through two LBOs which have helped us expand our company and develop our business model. It has been an enriching adventure for Thermocoax, which has seen the development of its aerospace solutions and semiconductor businesses, along with its expansion in the US and China, and has also involved complex debt restructuring deals and the retirement of the long-standing CEO. Chequers has remained consistently at our side and has had a decisive impact on our company’s fortunes.”

Thermocoax President

Laurent Mogno

“This is my second partnership with Chequers and I can describe my collaboration with them in a few words: strategic vision, professionalism, efficiency, rigour, accessibility and support. I will add, and this is important to me, that they are very pleasant to work with.”

ECT President

Franck Provost

“For almost 4 years our association with Chequers was a real pleasure. Their attentiveness, professionalism, wise advice and great respect enabled us to grow our business.”

Provalliance President