For nearly 50 years, Chequers Capital has placed its expertise and capital at the service of European companies and their management.

Under management

Our history

Founded in Paris in 1972 Initially the French subsidiary of the Charterhouse Group

Became independent in 2000 under the name Chequers Capital

300 investments made in Europe in nearly 50 years

In 2017, €1.1bn raised for its 17th investment vehicle

Our strengths

Unrivalled experience

Stable team

Quick and transparent decision process

Bespoke approach tailored to the company and its project

Close relationship with managers

Strong expertise in value creation

Long-term investor

Our investment strategy

Companies worth €80m to €500m (enterprise value)

An equity investment of €40m to €150m per deal

Companies based in France, Germany, Italy, Benelux, Switzerland and Spain

Operating throughout the entire industrial, services and distribution sectors

Full spectrum of transaction: LBO/MBO, sector consolidation, growth equity, shareholders restructuring, carve-out, recovery situations

As a majority or minority shareholder

A strategic partner investing alongside management teams

For a holding period of 5 to 10 years

Our philosophy

We leverage the expertise and experience of management teams

We adapt our acquisition structures to suit their project

We bring them our expertise and our resources to foster their ambitions

We support them in their external growth and internationalisation

We share with management the fruits of value creation

Ethics and ESG

 Complying with rigorous professional ethics

Special attention paid to ESG issues internally as well as in each portfolio investment

Systematic ESG due diligence

Sharing the value created

Signatory of the UNPRI and of the ESG charter of France Invest

Helping charity associations active in the defense of environment, social entrepreneurship and education

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