7 Days

Headquartered in Lotte, Germany, 7days provides a wide range of high-quality medical workwear to more than 300,000 professional customers across Europe. The Company employs 240 staff across four locations. The 7days branded products are sold via a multi-channel, online centric sales platform. The Company’s value chain is fully integrated.

Since its foundation in 1999, 7days has experienced sustained growth in the attractive niche market for medical workwear both in Germany and abroad, driven by an increasing number of workforces in the healthcare sector as well as a shift from brick-and-mortar retail to distance selling business models.

Chequers Capital acquired the Company together with Paragon Partners and the management team.

Value creation

Chequers supports management’s strategy of further internationalizing the Business across Europe, organically and through buy-and-build.

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