Bozzetto is a specialty chemicals company, based in northern Italy. Chequers acquired a majority stake in the group in August 2017.

Bozzetto manufactures and distributes chemicals additives used in the textile industry, in construction materials as well as a variety of other sectors (detergents, water treatment, cosmetics etc.). The Group relies on its 5 manufacturing sites located throughout the world (Italy, Spain, Turkey, Poland and Indonesia) and generates 50% of its sales outside of Europe.

Created in 1919, Bozzetto’s leverages its extensive formulation experience as well as its team of 50 R&D employees (out of 400 employees) to answer its clients’ needs.

Value creation

Chequers intends to back the group strategy with a focus on its core product families, as well as external growth to expand in attractive geographies and/or specific lines of business.

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