ECT is the French leader in the management of inert construction waste (earth and rubble) across numerous sites around the Paris metropolitan area. For almost twenty years, the company has been providing its clients in earthworks and construction companies with a wide range of services: excavation management, clean-up, storage, development of green spaces, material and quarry waste recycling, and reconstitution of agricultural land.

Value creation

Chequers has backed ECT since 2011 with the acquisition of a minority interest from the company's founder, Claude Picard. In-depth knowledge of the company and its prospects enabled Chequers to increase its stake and become the Group's majority shareholder during the managerial transition project in 2016. Alongside a new manager, Laurent Mogno, the challenge is to accelerate the development of ECT's service offering - through organic and external growth - in order to position the group as the recognised leader in the management and recycling of inert waste material.

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