Legal Notice

Corporate name: Chequers Partenaires SA
Registered address: 5, rue François 1er, 75008 Paris, France
Legal form: Limited liability company (Société Anonyme)
SIREN number: 350 505 335
Share capital: 305,000 euros

In accordance with French Law No. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy, we hereby inform you that the website “www.chequerscapital.comis the property of Chequers Partenaires SA.

The website www.chequerscapital.com was designed by the agency Adveris, located at 130, boulevard Haussmann, Paris VIII, France.
It is hosted by the company OVH whose registered address is: 2 rue kellermann – BP 80157 – 59053 Roubaix cedex 1 – France.

The website www.chequerscapital.com is governed by French law; visitors accessing the website from abroad must ensure that they comply with all applicable local laws.

The legal notices may be modified at any time without prior notice; we therefore advise you to consult them on a regular basis.



Chequers Partenaires SA holds, reserves and retains all ownership rights, in particular intellectual property rights including copyright, relating to this website and its content. As such, any full or partial reproduction of this website or its content without the written approval of Chequers Partenaires SA is strictly prohibited.

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Chequers Partenaires has implemented and maintains an operational procedure in order to quickly and efficiently process complaints made by its clients. Any complaint may be referred to Chequers Partenaires, 5 rue François 1er, 75008 Paris, France. The management company will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within a maximum of ten working days from the date it was received, unless a response has been issued to the client in the intervening period. Except in duly justified exceptional circumstances, a response will be issued to the client within two months of receipt of the complaint.

In the event of an ongoing dispute, the client may contact a mediator, such as the AMF Ombudsman, at the following address: Autorité des marchés financiers, Médiateur de l’AMF, 17 place de la Bourse, 75082 Paris Cedex 02. The AMF mediation request form at the Mediation Charteur is available online at https://www.amf-france.org/en_US/?langSwitch=true.



In accordance with the terms of article L533-22 of the Monetary and Financial Code in regards to the application of the principle “be in compliance or explain”, it is outlined that, in taking into account the delay of compliance laid out by the regulatory texts, the mechanism by which communications described in article L533-22-§II for the investors concerned by article R533-16-0 have not yet been finalised. As soon as this is finalised, the changes will be displayed on our website.





All users of the website “www.chequerscapital.com” acknowledge having read these general terms and conditions of use of the website and undertake to comply with them.

Chequers Partenaires SA shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from accessing or using the website and/or its content, including inaccessibility, loss of data, damage, destruction or viruses which could affect the user’s IT equipment and/or for the presence of any viruses on this website.

While Chequers Partenaires SA makes every effort to ensure the reliability of the content published on its website, it does not guarantee that this content is free from errors or omissions and shall not be held liable for any errors or omissions, or for the non-availability of the information and services. Chequers Partenaires SA reserves the right to enhance and/or modify the content of its website at any time without prior notice. As such, users acknowledge that they use this information at their own risk.



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Click on the column header “Name” to sort the files alphabetically, then scroll down to search for files beginning with the prefix “Cookie” (all cookies have this prefix and usually contain the name of the website which generated them).
Select the cookie(s) containing the name “Chequers Capital” and delete them.
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